My Introduction-

Let me first start with my introduction, I am Dinesh Yadav (Dk Yadav), A Traveler & Techie by Passion & Profession And A person behind This blog. I have interest in Unix Operating Systems Admin, Web development, Traveling to New Places, Photography, Cooking Delicious Dishes and Listening To Music.

Dk Yadav
Dk Yadav

I have started this blog to share my knowledge and finding of tips, tricks & tutorials on Unix Servers, Web development, Programming, Tech News, WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Internet Marketing, and various other things.

Basically i am from a small town near Bhopal MP India,  and i am currently living in bangalore and doing job in a MNC, working as a System Administrator. I did my bachelor of engineering from Oriental college of technology bhopal with computer science and engineering as Major.

Dk Yadav Life Values-

My life rules are very simple. To live and to be lived. I have very simple and down to earth personality. For me Perpetual Living and High opinion (Saada Jeevan aur ucch vichar) are way to live a happy life.

I always try to make everyone happy by whatever i can do for them, but in this world there good and bad peoples so it’s really important to decide and whom to give preferences those who support you or those who mock you down?

To become successful in life one needs to listen to his/her inner voice. he/she need to ask himself/herself the purpose of their life. sometime we live like robot, so get out from auto/remote mode and think about your life, yourself and ask what you would have been doing if you were alive. get set and go, explore the world its beautiful.

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